DEAD ENDS: A Force of Forgiveness, the Cherrie Mahan Story

I was offered a columnist position with WPMG-TV Pittsburgh to focus on cold cases in Pennsylvania.

The anniversary of Cherrie Mahan’s abduction was approaching, so it made the perfect first story.

I’ve seen this case featured on America’s Most Wanted (My all-time favorite show, John Walsh I love you!), but I didn’t know much about it. From what I read online, there were many theories and facts about the events leading up to and after her disappearance, but there wasn’t much on who Cherrie is/was. My goal was to write an article that captured more of her essence and humanized a young girl that was much more than the event that has captured the nation and defined her.

One of the interesting things I discovered about the case, is the “underground rumbling”. As with my own mother’s cold case, locals seem to know just a little bit more about what was going on surrounding the incident, that news outlets won’t report on. I visited as much of these sites as I could in order to hear what the locals thought – I wasn’t alone in my opinions.

Unfortunately,  her mother did not respond to my voicemails requesting an interview.

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