DEAD ENDS: Boy in the box

Not being from Pennsylvania, I hadn’t heard of this story. It came on my radar because the Vidocq Society was brought up in conversation in regards to resources that could be used in my mother’s case. It’s kind of a last resort.

The Vidocq Society has been working on The Boy in the Box case for a number of years and refuses to give up.

I wasn’t prepared for what I read, or maybe it’s because both cases I have recently discussed were about crimes against children. Either way, this was hard to read. The details, in this case, are discussed in graphic detail, much more detail than you would typically read about in a cold case. I’m assuming detectives have made a conscious decision to let out more and more info as the years have passed on, in the hopes that one small piece of information will lead to the killer(s).

WARNING: There are graphic autopsy photographs in the link.

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