unaccustomed to grace Lesley Bannatyne

Unaccustomed to Grace: Lesley Bannatyne

If you’re a longtime fan of Bannatyne, you’re well aware she is all things Halloween. The Queen of Halloween perhaps. Unaccustomed to Grace may be her biggest treat yet. The cover art alone (Jumper, 2013 by Kathryn Geismar) is an absolute stunner.

Bannatyne’s collection of short stories pulled me in with the familiar feeling of a traditional ghost story, but quickly advanced into broader story lines, with dedication to developing characters so incontestable and present, set to the backdrop of actual historical events that made me second guess what was real, and what was surreal. Subjects range from child related trauma (child loss/child-abduction/adoption/runaways), to revenge, and the limits we will press through for a miracle.

Her writing feels silky, easy on the eyes, but gets lodged into the corner lobes of the brain. This collection elicited thought provoking fear long after I finished the book. It’s been nearly a month since I’ve read this, and I still go to sleep mulling over the horrifically realistic On Tuesday I Will Kill Him.

This evolution of style from Bannatyne is timely, I’m here for it!